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Security News

Facebook Removed Tens of Thousands of Apps Post-Cambridge Analytica

20-09-19 Facebook said it has suspended and banned tens of thousands of apps on its platform after its investigation, launched after Cambridge Analytica, into how they collect and use data.

Forcepoint VPN Client is Vulnerable to Privilege Escalation Attacks

20-09-19 Forcepoint has fixed a privilege escalation vulnerability in its VPN Client for Windows.

News Wrap: Emotet’s Return, U.S. Vs. Snowden, Physical Pen Testers Arrested

20-09-19 Threatpost editors discuss the return of Emotet, a new lawsuit against Edward Snowden and more.

Mattress Company Leaks Data Records of 387K Customers

20-09-19 A database lacking password protection exposed sensitive data of customers of Milwaukee-based mattress company Verlo Mattress.

Payment Card Breach Hits 8 Cities Using Vulnerable Bill Portal

19-09-19 Eight cities have been hit by a data breach targeting payment cards.

Microsoft Silent Update Torpedoes Windows Defender

19-09-19 Microsoft broke its built-in antivirus utility, thanks to a patch for a different issue.

These Hacks Require Literally Sneaking in the Backdoor

19-09-19 An on premise hacker can cripple even the best cybersecurity defenses.

Smart TVs, Subscription Services Leak Data to Facebook, Google

19-09-19 Researchers discovered that smart TVs from Samsung, LG and others are sending sensitive user data to partner tech firms even when devices are idle.

Marc Rogers: Success of Anonymous Bug Submission Program ‘Takes A Village’

18-09-19 Marc Rogers discusses the logistics behind a recently-proposed anonymous bug submission program, meant to encourage ethical hackers to submit high-level bugs anonymously.

IRS Emails Promise a Refund But Deliver Botnet Recruitment

18-09-19 The fake emails direct victims to log into a bogus IRS site.

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