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Security News

Google Location Tracking Lambasted in Arizona Lawsuit

28-05-20 The lawsuit, filed against Google by Arizona's Attorney General, alleges that the tech giant uses “deceptive and unfair conduct” to obtain users’ location data.

PonyFinal Ransomware Targets Enterprise Servers Then Bides Its Time

28-05-20 Microsoft has warned on a new breed of patient ransomware attacks that lurk in networks for weeks before striking.

Valak Loader Revamped to Rob Microsoft Exchange Servers

28-05-20 Phishing campaigns targeting enterprises in U.S. and Germany have been used to nab enterprise mailing info, passwords and certificates.

DoubleGun Group Builds Massive Botnet Using Cloud Services

27-05-20 The latest campaign spread malware via pirate gaming portals.

‘[F]Unicorn’ Ransomware Impersonates Legit COVID-19 Contact-Tracing App

27-05-20 The new malware family was seen pretending to be an official Italian app, called Immuni.

Hackers Sell Data from 26 Million LiveJournal Users on Dark Web

27-05-20 Passwords and other credentials have been listed on Have I Been Pwned as attack rumors circulate.

StrandHogg 2.0 Critical Bug Allows Android App Hijacking

26-05-20 a malicious app installed on a device can hide behind legitimate apps.

Turla APT Revamps One of Its Go-To Spy Tools

26-05-20 An updated version of the ComRAT malware was discovered in attacks on governmental targets.

New iOS Jailbreak Tool Works on iPhone Models iOS 11 to iOS 13.5

26-05-20 Latest version of UnC0ver uses unpatched zero-day exploit to take complete control of devices, even those running iOS 13.5.

ThreatList: People Know Reusing Passwords Is Dumb, But Still Do It

25-05-20 Even seeing data breaches in the news, more than half of consumers are still reusing passwords.

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